things I will be sure of, in time by Addie Boyd

FUNNEL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit gallery that supports racial and transformative justice through the sale of original artworks. 100% of proceeds are donated to a rotating list of grassroots organizations, which are chosen collaboratively by the represented artists and FUNNEL’s founders, a cohort of artists living in Chicago, New York City, and California. 

FUNNEL exists as a virtual exhibition and market space that connects artists with conscientious consumers across the web. FUNNEL's ultimate mission is manifold: utilize the online exhibition as a forum for social change, elevate artists, and support the liberation of QTBIPOC communities by funding grassroots organizations invested in building new futures.

Featured Artists:

Adam Schachner • Addie Boyd • Aidan Mackie • Alex Groblewski • Blaine Teppema • Caitlin McCuskey • Charlotte Sear • Claire Duport • Danyele Brown • Erica Anderson • Erica Moran • Fettle • Gaby Hurtado-Ramos • Hannah Sklar • Hazel Elsbach • Henry Gross • Julie Cantwell • Kilynne Higgins • Lauren Ciarpella • Liam Burns • Luke Towne • Madison Wilds Burger • Micaela Pirzio-Biroli • Moth Morgenson • Noah Grossman • Phoebe Mol • Risha P • Sam Merrick • Stephanie Lenertz • Valerie Suter • Vivien Ebright Chung

BATCH 5  JUNE 1st - AUGUST 1st 

100% of sale profits will be donated to Activation Residency, a Black trans led artist residency aiming to generate safer and more collaborative space, adapt to its residents’ needs, and create portals to futures needed now.  

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