Welcome! We are currently accepting art submissions for Batch 6 due September 30. This round, artists have the option to choose where the money from their art will go. Please select in the dropdown menu at the end of the form.


Batch 6 Organizations 

NYC — https://www.instagram.com/queensneighborhoodsunited/ 

Organized by Queens Neighborhoods United. “We’re raising funds to distribute to people in Queens affected by Hurricane Ida. Our neighbors and loved ones are dealing with the loss of their homes and belongings.”


Organized by Ziad Hudson. “We are fundraising directly for folks in need of hurricane prep, evacuation, and the aftermath. This is an emergency campaign to help families during this life altering hurricane. We have set up a campaign where families can request a one time amount of $1-1,000 for help and assistance.”


Accepting 2D and 3D artwork that can be easily shipped.  

Please fill out a separate form for each piece you donate. The information it asks for will help us accurately populate the website. This form is also where you can note which organization you would like to see FUNNEL support in our next exhibition. We will donate to one organization per exhibition, taking into account artists' suggestions when deciding, so that we reach a variety of causes in multiple locations.

Please submit work you are willing to donate and able to easily ship yourself. We will communicate with participating artists about shipping addresses and work to reimburse them for all costs accrued.

Reach out to artfunnelinfo@gmail.com if you have any questions or suggestions, and/or if you would like to be included on emails pertaining to future initiatives.


When you are done with this part of the application, please email high-quality photos of your piece to artfunnelinfo@gmail.com.

Artist Submission Form


Thank you for your submission! Please finish your application by emailing us your photos at artfunnelinfo@gmail.com.

We will be in touch soon.