Weed-Kin: A Card Deck by Amanda Monti
  • Weed-Kin: A Card Deck by Amanda Monti


    One deck featuring 22 cards, one pamphlet, and a folding box.

     2.75” x 4.75”


    A deck of Tarot cards that recast the major archetypes with various depictions of weeds growing in Ridgewood, Queens. 


    Amanda Monti was born in Italy and is a cross-disciplinary poet and storyteller writing in English and German. They use poetry, sound and divinatory practices to create spaces for connection, inter-species encounter and ecological inquiry. As a queer person, Amanda’s poetry is particularly invested in possibilities of healing from destructive binaries and reconfigurations of kinship-models to include humans and more-than-humans. You can find them online here: https://softie.space