Magic Dress by Julia L. Greenburger
  • Magic Dress by Julia L. Greenburger


    Charcoal, paper, garment, oil paint, string, roses, needles, and various materials on stretched canvas.



    The dress was hand-sewn and measured using only the artist's body, technically improvised with no prior knowledge of how to sew a dress. The canvas was layered onto over the course of one year. 


    Julia was born in New York City and studied painting in Vermont. She is now based in Los Angeles where she continues her studio practice while working professionally in XR media. She is participating in the development of a website called Qia, which will provide collaborative word processing functionality within an open-source and openly accessible database. She maintains an interest in the general themes of portraiture and figuration, which most recently is responding to her work with holograms. Her imagery poses questions about scale, relationships to the body, ownership, objectivity, singularity, embodiment, girlhood, and archiving.