FUNNEL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit gallery that supports racial and transformative justice through the sale of original artworks. 100% of proceeds are donated to a rotating list of grassroots organizations, which are chosen collaboratively by the represented artists and FUNNEL’s founders, a cohort of artists living in Chicago, New York City, and California. 

FUNNEL exists as a virtual exhibition and market space that connects artists with conscientious consumers across the web. FUNNEL's ultimate mission is manifold: utilize the online exhibition as a forum for social change, elevate artists, and support the liberation of QTBIPOC communities by funding grassroots organizations invested in building new futures.

things I will be sure of, in time by Addie Boyd


We are currently accepting art submissions for our 6th online exhibition, which will raise money for Queens Neighborhoods United and Hurricane Ida Mutual Aid Louisiana. You can submit your artwork by September 30ththrough our Submission Form